Product Catalogs

Florida Tile’s new 2018 catalog is a fresh take on tile inspiration and floor and wall design. Our goal was to create a piece that would speak to designers, architects, installers, and end users in a way that would inspire while also provide them a functional tool to help create amazing projects. We want to be a resource for our industry partners and influencers.
Featured in the new catalog are helpful indexes and galleries that allow searching by look, color, or even current interior design trends. Finding product pages or information will now be much easier. Check out these new and updated features that make this year’s catalog a true design asset. 
1. Design by Look 
This allows you to see at a glance the products that fit into each material genre such as wood, concrete, stone, etc. 
2. Color Index Search
Looking for a specific hue, color family, or shade? We’ve got that! 
3. Interior Design Trends
Find the current and emerging trends that are influencing the commercial and residential markets today. We’ll also show you which products best fit within that trend. 
4. Installation Galleries
Based on project type, we provide beautiful photos to highlight amazing projects.
5. New Page Design for Product Pages
Our new page layout features true to scale sizing that allows you to better visually compare tile proportions. A large room scene and short description on each page allow you to get a better flavor for each product.

Commercial Catalog 2016 (PDF) is also available.