Mobile Catalogs



Florida Tile offers our catalogs in PDF format as a free download to your mobile device.  It is viewable on Apple devices (iPad, iPhone) using iBook or on Android devices using Adobe Reader.

We recommend connecting to a wifi hotspot before downloading.


If you already have the PDF file on your computer, here's how to transfer the file to your Apple or Android devices.

To your Apple devices:

1) Drag the PDF file into your iTunes Book Library.

2) Connect your device to the computer’s USB port.


3) Select your device on the left of the iTunes menu.

4) Select the “Books” tab in the resulting window.

5) Click the “Sync Books” box.

6) Click the Sync “Selected Books” box.

7) Click the Florida Tile catalog box.

8) Click the Sync/Apply button.

9) Open iBooks on your device.

10) Click PDFs.

11) Find and select the Florida Tile PDF.



Transfer the file to your Android devices:

1) Connect your device to the computer’s USB port.

2) Click on resulting drive icon.

3) Drag Catalog file into resulting window.

4) Right click drive icon and select “Eject”.

5) Open Adobe Reader application on your device.

6) Select Florida Tile catalog.